Back in May in this column I described a walk around Kendal and how what I saw reflected how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting the area.

This week, I invite you to take a similar walk with me again to see what has changed.

As I head through the Heron Hill estate, I’m aware there seem fewer people just out for a walk than in early May. Then lockdown rules meant you could not drive to start your exercise and many people wanting to be outside for a while were walking routes to and from their homes.

Past the Spar shop and it’s odd to think how few could have envisaged a few months ago that we’d all be having to wear face masks, even when we were only popping into a shop for milk or a newspaper.

In the ‘chess pieces’ estate I spot a cloth face mask lying on the floor. Surely dropped accidentally, rather than just discarded.

The sports hub area on Parkside Road was deserted in May. Today, there’s a cricket match taking place in a field above Netherfield’s ground. Sport, thankfully, is finally making a return.

I walk through part of Parkside Road cemetery, skirt the foot of Kendal Castle, emerge into Fletcher Park and turn left down to Aynam Road. In May it was deserted, but now it’s fairly busy with traffic. Two months on and people now have more options about where to go.

Near the river footbridge is a bright red sign, stating: ‘COVID-19 – Maintain social distance’, a reminder to us all that we cannot become complacent.

A pedestrian steps to one side on the pavement as I am about to overtake and I move several paces to the other side to also help maintain distance between us.

There are ducks and a swan on the river. Nature generally thrived during lockdown. The trees look magnificent - but some of the leaves have already got an autumnal tinge.

It’s good to see the Abbot Hall playground busy and there’s a sign on one of the Kirkland halls saying exercise and fitness classes are due to open in August 1. There are also appropriately-distanced people working out in the fitness gym at K Village. Again, hopeful signs.

As I head home, I muse that back in May it was tough and restrictions severely limited our lives. It’s better now, but uncertainty over the future still remains.