A LOCAL author has published her debut novel, a 'spooky' thriller based near Kendal.

Faith Cobaine's self published title 'The Woman in the Walls' was released on Amazon last month.

The tale follows Gemma, a nature-loving newly-wed who falls in love with a spacious house she finds for sale on the outskirts of Kendal, but soon realises not all is as it seems.

"The book is a spooky tale with plenty of twists and turns; a domestic thriller that shows that no matter how much you plan your future, nature and fate play a hand in your destiny," said Ms Cobaine.

"I actually started it almost 10 years ago! I wrote a first draft after I completed a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. I then put the manuscript in the proverbial drawer for a few years."

Whilst on furlough from her marketing manager position at a not-for-profit organisation Ms Cobaine managed to complete the book.

The author was inspired by her own experiences of moving home.

"I’ve moved home more than 25 times for a variety of reasons so have vast experience of moving into new properties," said Ms Cobaine.

"I’m fascinated by the history of houses, and by people’s need to ‘mark their territory’ and the ways in which they do this.

"Mostly houses outlast us and it can feel like we merely reside in them, rather than owning them – almost as though houses own the people who live in them.

"Certainly, houses have atmospheres and usually, people know immediately, and instinctively, after stepping through the front door, whether or not they want to live there."

Ms Cobaine has already started work on her next novel, for now her first release can be found on Amazon at www.amazon.co.uk/Woman-Walls-Faith-Cobaine-ebook/dp/B08DG81S19/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8