Your guide to the week’s TV soap from Saturday, August 15.

Emmerdale (ITV)

It seems Malone will do anything to get what he wants, as this week’s trip to the Dales proves. He intimidates Dawn by telling her the testimony against him has been taken as false.

He pulls a gun and tempts Dawn to take her own life by overdosing on heroin. Thankfully help is at hand, but is this the last we’ve seen of the dodgy DI?

Meanwhile, Nate is fuming when Al fires him for not attending the meeting because he went to the hospital with Tracy.

Jamie wants to reveal his relationship with Belle to everyone, but she thinks it’s too soon.

A stressed Gabby opens up to Leyla about how lonely she feels as Bernice has refused to let her join her in Australia. And while Mandy is irritated to see Paul and Vinny continuing to get on like a house on fire, Dan panics as he tries to keep his money worries a secret from Amelia.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Maria might be Gary’s bride, but these days it seems he only has eyes for Sarah. Though he saved her life the other week, it remains to be seen whether the former soldier will jilt Maria to be with his old flame.

Meanwhile, Seb has another reason to moan at his mum. They are supposed to say goodbye to the twins before the kids begin a new life in Australia, but unknown to him, Abi is involved in a 127 Hours-style scenario at the garage. Just watch his face when he realises a car engine has put her in hospital.

Todd is (almost) in touch with Eileen, looking for money. However, Mary and Sean intercept the letter first, and hatch a plan. And Paul is miffed about his pending 30th birthday; he thinks nobody cares, but Billy wants to surprise him.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Things are looking bleaker than ever for Jasmine. While she further alienates herself from those looking out for her, Tori’s thoughts turn to her friend’s psychological support.

However, when the time comes, a stunned Jasmine feels betrayed. Later, the troubled soul’s disappearance leads to friction between Irene and Justin.

At least things are going well for Bella and Nikau, until an evening in his home brings unwelcome feelings flooding back.

Ari is far from happy about an intervention from Mackenzie to save the Paratas’ home, and Mackenzie offers Tane a job, but his lack of experience comes to the fore in his job interview.

Marilyn and John settle on bold candidate Amber, but he lets her go too far too quickly. Amber seeks solace in booze, which is when she runs into one-time friend Dean.

Marilyn and John are out of options, but in a move that would probably impress Alan Sugar, the sparky newcomer un-fires herself.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

How great is it having Jane back in Erinsborough? She was as synonymous with the eighties as Top Gun and Kylie.

Susan is certainly glad she’s around, especially when she suffers a panic attack. However, Jane soon finds she’s taken on more than she bargained for when she helps Susan out at school.

Elsewhere, Roxy has grand plans to bring Levi home, but only succeeds in antagonising her grandson. Shane has a secret that suggests Yashvi has been too quick to celebrate the end of the drug investigation.

Paul attempts to show the eco-minded Harlow where he’s coming from. However, Harlow is dismayed to discover that the businessman’s environmental promises were mere lip service. (What a surprise).