THE Sedbergh and District Covid Support Line will be closing down at the end of August.

Over lockdown the Support Group volunteers have done hundreds of jobs, delivering shopping, and prescriptions all over the area, and offering other support to those who have needed it.

There are over 350 individual calls recorded on the database but that doesn't include all those volunteers who have been doing regular rounds and deliveries - some volunteers have done over a hundred jobs for people on their rounds. Now however calls to the Support Line have declined to a very low level (sometimes only 3 or 4 a week) so the phone line will be closing.

Individual volunteers may be continuing with deliveries, so if you are receiving help in that way speak to your volunteer to check.

LIKEWISE, the Community Cupboard Food boxes will be removed at the end of August.

The Support Group are an informal group set up for immediate response to the crisis, but do not fulfil the criteria needed to secure long term funding for the boxes, which have been funded by the Sedbergh United Charities Hardship Fund and Sedbergh Parish Council over lockdown. Anybody who has been using the boxes and needs continuing help should register with the Kings Food Bank in Kendal. Call Windermere Citizens Advice for further information. The Support Group would like to thank all the volunteers (nearly 100 of them) and the organisations that have helped with Funding.