THERE have been calls for police to take more action as the issues of poor behaviour by visitors continue around Hodge Close.

This has been an issue that has pushed the residents of Stang End to breaking point, with Suzanne Pender, clerk for Skelwith Parish Council concerned about increased traffic, as well as wild camping, raves, and sexual activity.

She said: “I am making a plea to Cumbria Police and Cumbria Highways to show more leadership in respect of the situation.

“None of the measures in the multi agency plan are as yet having an impact. I do feel that temporary road closures are the only way forward.

“I am really concerned about increased traffic, parking, wild camping, raves, drug taking, drinking, littering, toileting and sexual activity and the impact of this on the environment.

“These are unprecedented times and they need proactive management. The Lakes is for everyone, but local people must feel safe in their homes.

“It’s not acceptable for people in our county not to feel safe at night or be afraid to walk on the footpath.

“As a community we are having to provide offers of assistance at night to people living in Hodge Close and this isn’t our job, it is the responsibility of statutory agencies.”

Andrew Slattery, Assistant chief constable said big groups had become an issue.

He added: “It is really disappointing to see this behaviour in that area of Hodge Close.

“It would be okay if it was just a small amount of people wild camping but when it gets to 30, 40, 50 it becomes a problem.

“As we move into a recovery plan from Covid we need to look into the by-laws around parking.

"We don’t want an over-regulated Lake District.

The whole county needs to come together to talk about sustainability, especially around the area of transport with less people using trains to get here."