BARROW MP Simon Fell has weighed in on the prospects of the newly-elected Liberal Democrat leader, Ed Davey.

Mr Davey, MP for Kingston and Surbiton, proved a more 'straight-talking' option for party members - as opposed to the 'metropolitan liberal' appeal of competitor, Layla Moran - in Mr Fell's view.

The acting leader of the party will now take over on a permanent basis after beating Ms Moran, the MP for Oxford West.

Mr Davey secured 63.5 per cent of the vote, almost doubling the 36.5 per cent share of participating members who opted for Ms Moran.

He was congratulated on Thursday by South Lakes MP and former Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, who said he was 'delighted' with the outcome.

Commenting on the news of Mr Davey's leadership win, Mr Fell said: "I wish him the best.

"I don't think we're going to see a Lib Dem resurgence anytime soon - but UK politics is quite volatile at the moment and he seems like a straight-talking guy.

"I suppose the candidates were quite different - with Layla Moran being more of the metropolitan liberal candidate, and Ed Davey perhaps being the candidate voters in this area could see more credibly in Number 10."