A FOOTBALL manager has thanked his new sponsors for supporting his relatively new youth team.

Andy Holgate has thanked Matty’s Barber Shop and the Gateway Church after they signed up to join Thomson Hayton Winkley, who have sponsored the team since 'day one', in becoming Kendal United's under 18s sponsors.

“We’re a new under 18s team,” said Mr Holgate.

“We wanted to run it more professionally, we wanted a home kit, a tracksuit and an away kit, we also wanted to support local businesses.”

Mr Holgate took on the new team last season alongside Dan Mcgahon, Robert Greenwood and Cammy Khan.

"We just wanted to get our name out there and get some community support," said Mr Holgate.

Jonny Gios, church leader at the Gateway Church in Kendal said: “I think it's a fantastic opportunity to support young people in Kendal.

"It's not often you see churches sponsoring football teams.

"As a church we want to focus outwardly on the community and help young people as there's not a lot of youth provision in the town."

Matty Airey, owner of Matty's Barber Shop said: "I'm a newly opened barber shop who wants to do my bit for the community.

"And I feel like supporting a local team will be good to promote my business."

The team were able to start training again in June and are hoping to attract new players and other volunteers to the team.

"It's been good to get the sponsorship over the line and get back to some form of normality," said Mr Holgate.

"We're really looking forward to the future of the team."

Home games are played on Sundays on Castle Drive in Kendal and Mr Holgate has set up a Twitter page where more information can be found about the team's activities.