CLIMATE activists are taking a new approach to tackling climate change in a demonstration that was held on Sunday.

Activists from Extinction Rebellion South Lakes (XRSL) have taken to the hills in a semi-naked protest in their latest action again the proposed Cumbrian coal mine.

It came ahead of the County Council’s decision on whether to approve the development of the project in the next few weeks.

Planning permission for the mine had previously been granted by the council, although the West Cumbria Mining (WCM), were forced to amend their application after legal challenges were issued by climate campaigners.

The Westmorland Gazette:

An XR campaigner said “we understand the need for more jobs, particularly on the west coast, but this coal mine isn’t the answer.

"We desperately need good, secure and sustainable green jobs in their thousands, and not a few poorly paid and precarious jobs in an industry that has no future and will contribute so significantly to the climate crisis”.

Another campaigner said “It’s horrifying but true that several coastal towns in Cumbria, including Whitehaven, are already projected to suffer annual coastal flooding 2050 due to climate change.

"Nobody can live in a house that floods every year, so many coastal communities will simply become deserted. And that’s before we add to the catastrophe by building another coal mine.

"We’re at a crossroads, and for the sake of our children the council must reject this coal mine”.

Their stance against the coal mine project is part of the group's larger goal to stop the usage of fossil fuels by 2030.

The group is urging others who oppose the coal mine to share similar photos of themselves on social media using the hashtag #TurnYourBackonCoal.

The Westmorland Gazette:

The group have promised further demonstrations will take place until their demands at met by Cumbria County Council.