FYLDE actor Jonas Armstrong, star of the hit BBC TV series Robin Hood, is urging fans to join his band of merrie men in a battle to save the outlaw's legendary Sherwood Forest home.

Sherwood Forest has been in decline for centuries, and is now but a shadow of what it once was.

But an ambitious rescue plan for the forest is now the subject of a televised public vote.

Jonas has just returned from filming the latest series of Robin Hood in Hungary to a full diary of engagements but has taken time out of his schedule to get behind Sherwood's bid.

"I was totally unaware of the plight of what is the world's most famous forest and am giving Sherwood's bid as much support as I can," said Jonas, who grew up in St Annes.

"If Sherwood wins the BIG Lottery People's Millions contest, then it will see the replanting of large tracts of the ancient forest with a quarter of a million oak trees.

"This is really important to Sherwood and to me.

"Obviously I've become very familiar with the legend, but like everyone else, just assumed that because the forest has always been there, that it always would be.

"I know that thousands of people from Lancashire visit the forest every year, but how many of them realise that it is slowly losing it's giant oaks.

"I'm asking all my friends, family and fans to join me and help restore Sherwood to something like it once was."

  • Visit the websites below for more information or text ROBIN to 81025.