A LEADING Cumbrian auctioneering company is to hold the debut virtual open auction of one of the UK’s most distinctive breeds.

The sale of elite Irish Moiled cattle will start on Thursday, September 24 at 12pm, and will end 48-hours later on Saturday, September 26.

With a reputation for quality and distinction, this native cattle breed has increasingly gained interest from all over the globe during the last few years.

In appointing Harrison & Hetherington to conduct the sale, it allows the Irish Moiled Cattle Society to provide a platform for its breeders in all three constituencies it serves, Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to sell cattle of high quality to established herds and potential new breeders.

In accordance with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines this first sale has an entry of 38 head consisting of 26 females and 12 males.

Brian O’Kane, Chairman of the Society said: “This is an elite sale with some of the absolute best Irish Moiled Cattle in the world.It is a niche market that is currently growing.”

One of just a few surviving native breeds to the island of Ireland, the Irish Moiled is gaining attention from beyond Britain’s shores.

They are a hardy, medium size cattle, a dual-purpose breed reared for both milk and beef. They also boast a long life which sees them calve well into their teens. This premium beef is notably in high demand for its marbling and fine flavour.

The Irish Moiled cattle society has been at the forefront in protecting the unique Genetics of the breed and a certification scheme which verifies the cattle as 100 percent Irish Mollied pure bred, thus includes DNA parent profiling .