A GRANDMOTHER has made a special gift for a pensioner who was ‘viciously’ attacked by a lurcher while out walking his dog.

Nicola Cawood, from Carnforth, heard about 82-year-old grandad, Edmund Turner, who was dragged along the floor by a dog in Askam in July and wanted to help.

Both Mr Turner and his beloved dog Saffy sustained serious physical injuries from the attack.

Upon hearing about the incident, aspiring artist, Mrs Cawood wanted to help Mr Turner and decided to gift him one of her hand-made felt creations.

The 52-year-old has been felt needling for around 18 months and began a course specifically on dog portraits in June.

Since then, Mrs Cawood has set up her own felt-needling business, Fifty Shades of Felt, which commissions handmade dog portraits.

She said: “I read about Mr Turner’s story and just felt so sad for him, especially for an elderly person.

“There’s so much negativity in the world at the moment, so it’s nice to do something good for a change.

“He’d been through quite an ordeal so I wanted to do something nice for him.”

Mr Turner was rushed to Furness General Hospital after the attack earlier this year having suffered injuries to his thumb and arm.

Saffy also underwent emergency surgery after the incident.

Mrs Cawood began crafting a felt portrait of Mr Turner’s dog, with plans to deliver it the next month as a surprise.

She said Mr Turner was ‘shocked’ and ‘emotional’ when she finally delivered the portrait.

“He was completely taken by surprise,” she said.

“He couldn’t believe I’d done it for him especially free of charge. He was quite emotional and his daughter was chuffed to bits with it as well.

“She said it brought tears to her eyes and couldn’t believe the likeness of it.”