A SHOP rallied round one of their customers and went the extra mile to help her with shopping and other essential errands.

McColls Croftlands, Ulverston, was nominated by Patricia Jones, after they stepped in to help her sort out her newspaper account after she had been unable to pay.

“I was having trouble using my vouchers and paying my bill,” said Mrs Jones.

“I had tried twice to get in the shop but had to queue so long I had to leave."

Because of the delay in payment Mrs Jones received a reminder letter for payment.

“Consequently a virulent letter arrived threatening to stop my supply of papers," she said.

“The staff at the shop stepped in, led by Carol."

Not only did the team help Mrs Jones with her newspaper predicament, but they also decided to help her with getting her shopping and ensure she received her post.

“Mavis and Trevor arranged to keep my vouchers and bring any shopping I needed," said Mrs Jones.

“Tina to make sure that my account was kept in order and young Daniel to take post when he delivers my paper before he goes to school.”

Daniel James has now gone on to study at Ulverston Victoria High School, after working temporarily at the store during the summer.

Carol Bell, who led the team’s effort to help Mrs Jones said the nomination had made her day.

“That is so so lovely,” she said when told about the nomination.

“That is so sweet of her.

“That’s made my day we were just trying to help.

“I took her phone call at first and said we’d sort it out for her.

“And Suzanne Riley and Toni Ormandy also took her phone calls and helped.

“She didn’t know what to do with the vouchers and she couldn’t come out because she was isolating.

"We just wanted to make sure she was alright."