THE Keswick to Barrow Walk has had to be postponed yet again following the implementation of new coronavirus guidelines.

The plan was to take the event back to its roots by running the Resolution Cup Challenge on Saturday September 26 between Barrow Shipyard and the Royal Navy.

That event is now being pushed back to May 2021.

Ian Walmsley, K2B committee member, said: "As we are all aware, the situation with Covid is worsening and as restrictions are tightening we believe it is inadvisable to run the event at this time even with the reduced numbers of 20 that we have.

"All the money that has been raised for the Resolution Cup this year will be presented by the end of this month. We don't want to delay getting these much needed funds to the nominated charities St Mary's Hospice, St John's Hospice, CancerCare North Lancashire and South Cumbria and Bay Hospitals Charity.

"We thank everyone who has supported us this year and we are so disappointed that for the first time in K2B history we've been unable to put on a walk for the year.

"With the situation as it still is, we have made the decision to further postpone the full walks for K2B and C2B until September 2021.

"It is frustrating but we have learned things from this, for example how to do the texting donations."

The committee all do this in their spare time and have put in many hours to get this event set up.

They are currently calculating the amount raised which will be divided out at a later date.