Some public toilets in Ulverston may go soon be accessed with contactless card payments if the funding can be found.

Market toilets and the Gill Toilets could be the first to have a state-of-the-art facility, once cleaning costs and a cleaning rota are established.

It is possible to fit most public toilets with a contactless payment system and/or payment terminal with pin code operation. Contactless toilet payments have been running in the Netherlands for some years.

The idea was floated in this week's Ulverston Town Council meeting by the Mayor Sharon Webster.

She explained that there is only one public convenience in Ulverston, situated on The Gill.

It’s normally open every day from 7am to 7 pm, and has a 20 pence charge.

According to the mayor further research will now take place into whether funding can be sought to install the contactless payment service, seen in other areas of the UK.

Information will then be presented back to Ulverston Town Council at a later date.