RESPONSIBILITY for the Water Aid UK charity collecting box on railings at Bowness Promenade has been taken on by the Ambleside Kirkstone Rotary following the cessation of Windermere Rotary.

To keep in step with the increasing move to a cashless society the collection point has been redesigned to incorporate the facility for mobile phone giving via QR code or Text.

AMBLESIDE Kirkstone Rotary is an organisation of both men and women with a philosophy of fun, fellowship, and community service.

When circumstances permit, there will be meetings and events held on a regular basis in the Windermere area, and anyone interested in coming along would be most welcome.

Details will be publicised in due course.

PARENT Friends Association (PFA) of St. Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Primary School, Windermere, recently held its Annual General Meeting via Zoom.

There was no change in its officers with one change in the committee.

Having retired from the school, Mrs Murray stood down as a Trustee and Mrs Harley was elected in her place.

ALISON Hill (Chair) gave her annual report thanking staff, parents’ children and the PFA committee for all their hard work and outlined the events that had taken place before COVID-19.

These were a quiz night, carol signing at Lakeland Ltd and a film night.

She, in turn was 'thanked' from the floor for her leadership of the PFA.

THE officers were elected 'en bloc' for a further 12 months and an additional member was elected to the committee.

The Treasurer went through the year's accounts and answered questions.

A discussion took place as to what could be done as fund raising was concerned during the 'lockdown.'