CORONAVIRUS marshals are to be become a familiar sight on Cumbria's streets.

Yesterday £256,274 of new money was dished out by the Government and will be split between each of the county's six district councils to employ marshals.

It is the plan of Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government.

He hopes the marshals will help to keep people informed and stay safe.

He said: “It’s a way of doing some very light touch enforcement. This is not heavy handed Covid patrols in jack boots, it is asking local district councils to be involved by talking to people on the streets and seeing that track and trace procedures are followed. Its already been tried out in Blackpool and Westminster. We are going to help people follow the rules and advise local business to follow those rules.”

The county is to see two different types of marshal, but neither will have the power to enforce the law.

Type one marshals will be high street helpers with a soft approach and advising and guiding members of the public to put on face coverings, use hand sanitisers, and answer questions. Type two marshals will not be shy in coming forward and will prevent groups mixing, along with going into local businesses to advise on the best way to behave, and be seen out and about during the night time economy.

The money for the county has been distributed to each of the six borough councils who will be spending the money as they see fit. This breaks down includes: Allerdale £51,260; Barrow £44,060; Carlisle £55,848; Copeland £40,804; Eden £23,700; South Lakeland £40,602.