A TASTY new business is giving Milnthorpe residents a much needed sweet treat.

Braydon’s Waffle Mania has only been open for just over a week but has already proved very popular with local residents.

Founders Josh Greer, from Milnthorpe, and Cheryl Clark, from Barrow, saw a gap in the market for a dessert takeaway in the village, which has a wide variety of more savoury establishments.

“Milnthorpe has every sort of takeaway other than a dessert takeaway,” said Mr Greer.

“The closest one is in Lancaster.”

The 21-year-old said the business has been ‘booming’ and that the team, consisting of only Mr Greer, Ms Clark and occasionally Ms Clark’s daughter has been kept incredibly busy.

“Business has been booming since we have been open so it is clearly something people have been wanting for a while,” he said.

“It has been absolutely mental, we’ve been kept very very busy.

“Everybody seems to be enjoying it, we have had plenty of customers come back again for more. ”

Prospective punters can expect sugary goods including exciting waffle toppings such as ‘Caramel Mayhem’ and the ‘Big M Waffle’.

Or if waffles are not to your liking why not try a crepe or sample one of the wide array of milkshakes the business has on offer?

Mr Greer said the business's focus on fresh, handmade products has been key to their success.

“Everything is fresh, we’ve got milkshakes, we also do crepes,”he said.

“Nothing has been pre-prepared and then warmed up.

“Everything is freshly made here during the day.”

The business partners have had huge support from both of their families, who have been instrumental in getting the takeaway open.

“Without them I don’t know where we would be,” said Mr Greer.

Although in its early days, Mr Greer has high hopes for the business’s future.

“Hopefully when we get further down the line, see how it goes at first,” he said.

“ But we’re hoping we might be able to open a couple more premises,” he said.

“Spread it across the Lakes really.”