A PASSIONATE young cyclist has smashed his mammoth sporting mission and has raised over £1,000 for charity.

Ten-year-old Olly Booth from Kendal set out to complete a 300 mile cycling challenge during September to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The youngster, who attends Dean Gibson School, has now raised an incredible £1240, surpassing his original goal of £150.

"We are so proud of what he has done,"said mum Tracy Brookes.

"To cycle over 300 miles for somebody of his age it's amazing.

"And to do it all for a charity that he felt passionate about, because lots of people seem to be affected by cancer."

Olly said he was very happy to have finished the challenge, which he actually exceeded by three miles.

Unsurprisingly he was very tired after the final leg of his huge endeavour.

"He was pretty tired on his last ride out but he kept going," said Mrs Brookes.

"So many people had sponsored him he didn't want to let anyone down.

"And he is already thinking about what he can do next."

“I’m so happy to have finished the challenge and raised such an enormous amount of money,” said Olly.

“My legs were really tired on my last 26 miles but I knew I couldn’t give up and had to keep going.

“After all, so many people had sponsored me I didn’t want to let them down.”

Olly became obsessed with cycling after receiving a new bike for his birthday.

He soon decided he wanted something to work towards and settled on the fundraiser for Cancer Research, opting for the 300 mile target rather than the 200.

“I chose to raise money for Cancer Research because most people know someone who has been affected by cancer,” Olly explained.

Going out on his bike regularly to rack up the miles Olly was supported right the way through his mission by dad Craig Booth and stepdad Carl Brookes, who took it in turns to accompany the passionate cyclist.

Olly has now said he is on the look out for another challenge to raise funds for other good causes.

“Now that I’ve finished this challenge I’m already thinking of what else I can do that combines my love of cycling with helping a great cause,” he added.