AUSTWICK Clapham and Eldroth Churches are open though the day on Sundays and Wednesdays for individual prayer.

There are also services each Wednesday at 10.30am and alternate Sundays. Please see the noticeboards or visit: for up to date information.

At these websites access to a weekly church newsletter with devotional material, community information is available.

If you would like to subscribe to a weekly email from the Revd John Davies with links to the current material available from the churches and other news, please sign up at:

With love and prayers for you and yours during this coronavirus season. The Revd John Davies, Vicar 015242 805928


FORTHCOMING Church Services & Events.

Sunday October 25 Holy Communion Austwick 9.30am & Evening Service at Keasden 7.00pm

Sunday November 1 Holy Communion Eldroth 9.30am Clapham 11.00am and Austwick In Loving Memory Service of Remembering & Thanksgiving 6.30pm our All Souls service for the bereaved.