ISSUES of illegal camping, drug use and poor behaviour by visitors have continued - despite Cumbria Police pledging to take action months ago.

Continued problems around Hodge Close near Coniston have caused residents to be scared to leave their homes as they may be unable to access them later on.

It has been ongoing since lockdown measures began to ease in Spring.

Suzanne Pender, clerk of Skelwith Parish Council, said: “The response we get from the police is always polite but generally their position on dangerous parking, wild camping, and parties is that it’s a landowner issue."

Hodge Close is owned by the Leconfield Estate and managed by Savills.

MP Tim Farron has written to Lord Egremont personally to ask him to intervene.

“The situation is so bad at times at Hodge Close residents can’t access their homes or worse, feel frightened or scared to go out of their homes due to the wild campers and drink or drug related activity," added Ms Pender.

“I find it hard to understand why helping the community to feel safe isn’t a police issue.”

In July, local councillors, residents, national park authorities and Mr Farron composed a letter to police chief constable Michelle Skeer to support their fight against poor behaviour in the area by visitors which had left residents at ‘breaking point’.

“Local residents at Hodge Close have had to deal with a summer of anti-social behaviour and illegal camping," said Mr Farron.

“I have had several meetings with residents and the local authorities and am extremely sympathetic to their concerns.

“I have impressed upon Savills who manage the estate to do everything in their power to resolve these issues and give local residents the peace of mind that they deserve.”

A police spokesperson said: “We are continuing to work alongside partners around the previous issues reported in the Hodge Close area and are holding a multi-agency meeting in the coming weeks to discuss further the extensive work ongoing and what has already been achieved.

“We would encourage the public to report any concerns to the relevant agency be it police or partners in order to identify any emerging issues.”