HEALTH officers are urging people in Cumbria to self-isolate if they are waiting for Covid-19 test result.

With the looming arrival of winter and an increasing number of coronavirus cases, health officials are urging people in Cumbria to follow COVID-19 guidance, to reduce local infection rates, save lives and protect the NHS.

Officials said a concerning issue is the amount of people that have had a Covid-19 test, but then fail to self-isolate until they receive a result.

People are being reminded that they must self-isolate if: they have symptoms that could be from coronavirus, if they are awaiting a test result, or if they are confirmed as positive for Covid-19.

Self-isolation rules are also in place if you live, or are in a ‘bubble’ with, someone.

In particular, it is important that people who have symptoms or have arranged a test, self-isolate until results are received.