A SOUTH Lakes foodbank has reported a huge rise in the amount of families seeking help from their services in the last nine months.

King’s Food Bank, in Kendal, reported that as of September this year they have supplied 24,329 meals so far during 2020- an increase of 21 per cent on the same period last year.

Manager Linda Sutherland revealed that more and more families and individuals are being referred to the foodbank for support.

“So far this month we have received another 90 referrals,” she said.

“And we’re not at the end of the month yet.

“We are seeing more referrals for families, things are very difficult at the moment and especially with it being half term.”

The food bank has therefore been offering additional services to those in need, anyone with school age children has been able to contact the food bank directly and receive a lunch for their child.

“With people being furloughed as well, they’re spending more time at home and living expenses have increased,” said Ms Sutherland.

“And some people are going back to work but on reduced hours, so it’s difficult for them as well.

“We are expecting at the end of the month that our figures will increase again.

“But it is hard to forecast how it’s going to go.”

Ms Sutherland said that as well as an increase in those needing help, the food bank has also seen a rise in donations from the public, although she could not say whether it was a direct result from Marcus Rashford’s campaign.

“We have certainly seen an increase in the amount of donations coming in,” she said. “Whether this is due to his campaign is difficult to say, because at the moment it is harvest festival time and we receive lots of donations from schools and churches. Everyone local is very generous anyway, which is very appreciated. The current situation is perhaps making people more generous.”