A GROUP of youngsters came to the assistance of a man after he collapsed in the Lake District with a heart attack. Rhys Lightfoot, 14, Tyler Dudson, 13, who go to Ullswater Community College, Lily Bradford, 10, and Cassie-may Telford, 10, who attend Patterdale C of E school, stopped to assist a runner collapsed on Greenside Road Hill in Glenridding. Rhys’ mother, Katie said: “I’m so proud of what he did. Everyone who was involved should be so proud. “Rhys and his friend Tyler were on their way up the Greenside road hill, on their way to my mother’s house. They set off on their bikes and I followed in my car. “Halfway up the road I saw someone lying on the road. I thought it was Rhys, so I jumped out. “Rhys was using Lily’s phone to call an ambulance because he didn’t have his. “The gentleman who was in his early 40’s was running, and he collapsed. Lily spotted him stopping and falling backwards. It turned out he was having a cardiac arrest. “A group of people passed by and one of them began performing CPR. Rhys put the phone on speaker and held it for him while the Ambulance crew spoke to the man. “We needed the code for the defibrillator at the Doctor’s surgery which was 100 yards away. Rhys got the code, and we ran to get it. “Rhys and I live in Barrow Cliff Fold, Tyler lives in Penrith and Lily and Cassie live the next road up which is Browfield Close. “All of them have received letters from North West Ambulance Service crediting them for their bravery. They are all such amazing kids. “We were also so happy to hear that the man was home and on the way to recovery.” Rhys said: “When we saw the guy on the floor, we rode up to see what was happening. “Lily gave me her phone to call an ambulance, and more people began to gather round. “The guy who did the CRP was actually a doctor himself which was really lucky. “I was almost in shock because it had never happened before, and it was all so sudden. “Hearing that he’d made it felt really good. “We were so relieved.”