A FLYER opposing lockdown which has been delivered to homes in Kendal has been slammed for containing 'a mix of misleading information and conspiracy theories'.

The second lockdown in England began on November 5 and has seen hospitality businesses and other venues close and strict limits placed on meeting people outside the home.

But a leaflet from the organisation known as 'Stand Up' which has found its way into letter boxes in Kendal calls the national restrictions 'unlawful and disproportionate'.

It claims that Covid-19 deaths are 'calculated unscientifically and fraudulently' and that more people have suffered and died due to the lockdown than from Covid-19, referring to suicides, domestic abuse and postponed cancer treatments.

However, public leaders have slammed the flyer, with Colin Cox, Cumbria's director of public health, saying it contains 'misleading information and conspiracy theories'.

"Lockdown measures, while restrictive, are currently the most effective way of slowing spread of this virus and preventing further serious illness and death,” he said.

The flyer claims that face masks do not work. It says that 'illegal and uninsured 5G masts and related infrastructure' have been 'fervently installed' during lockdown, which will allegedly be used to keep the public under surveillance and give governments increased control over their citizens.

Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron said he backed free speech but expressed concern that the spurious claims made by the flyer could cause further deaths.

Mr Farron said: “I am a passionate defender of civil liberties and freedoms but it is very, very, very clear that tens of thousands more people would have died if we had not had taken the action to stay at home and socially distance this year.

“I am also a massive supporter of freedom of speech but this leaflet contains a whole series of inaccuracies and I am deeply concerned that spreading half-truths like this during a pandemic could ultimately lead to people losing their lives.”