A NEW variation of cricket will be on offer to local secondary schools as part of an upcoming coaching scheme.

Cumbria Cricket have expressed their interest in receiving Lords Taverners Table Cricket Coaching’s offer which will see Table cricket be taught in schools.

Due to the restrictions around Covid 19, sessions were delayed with a new date to be announced once restrictions are lifted.

The Westmorland Gazette:

Table Cricket is a strategic game, and there are different scoring zones around the table.

With a similar structure to regular cricket, fielders have to be carefully positioned to prevent runs or to get the batter out.

Teams of six take it in turns to bowl or bat, with the bowler using a ramp to deliver the ball

This will either by a regular ball that runs true or a weighted one that swings around.

The batter scores by hitting the ball into the scoring zones, avoiding the fielders.

The Westmorland Gazette:

Table Cricket along with the enjoyment aspect has shown to develop teamwork and social skills among players.

It also helps coordination and cognitive skills for young people with both learning or physical disabilities.

Lord Taverners and Cumbria Wheelchair Sports Club stated: "We will run two young leaders’ courses, one in the North and one in the South of the county. This is for students who want to get an experience of umpiring, scoring, and supporting the County Finals, and potentially the regional & national ones too."

Sessions are on offer to local schools. Coaching can be between one and three hours, with the flexibility to meet pupils’ needs.

Details can be found online.