WHAT would happen if Joseph and the Virgin Mary had arrived in Cumbria in search of a place to stay during 2020?

That is one of the many questions that a Lake District school will answer with its novel take on the traditional Nativity play.

Children and teachers at Grasmere School have conjured up a modern version of the birth of Jesus to bring a bit of Yuletide joy during what looks set to be a much-changed Christmas season - asking themselves how the Nativity would play out if it occurred in the Lake District in 2020.

Johanna Goode, head teacher, said: "It's set now, so Gabriel turns up rather differently to how Gabriel turns up in the Bible.

"Joseph and Mary turn up as lockdown happens, so they have nowhere to stay. But luckily we have a friendly farmer."

Mrs Goode said her favourite scene in the Grasmere School Nativity, the script for which was written mostly by 10-year-old pupil Hope Basham, was one that saw a group of 'angels' in pink wellies and angelic outfits run in slow motion over fields, framed by the Lake District's hilly landscape.

The children also considered what would happen if a new star was observed in the sky today - speculating that mountain rescue might be called out to investigate lights on the fells.

The finished piece will be presented as a film rather than the usual stage performance.

The filming process was difficult, as the school had to ensure people stayed in their separate 'bubbles', but the scenes have now been shot and are currently being edited.

Mrs Goode said the children had learnt a huge amount - although not turning towards the camera as if it were a live audience took some getting used to!

"It's been great fun. And it's great to have fun at the moment. Life's hard for a lot of people at the moment. This is team creativity, and team creativity always brings people together," she said.

"It's given everyone the chance to be together - if not physically, at least creatively."

The film will be available via the Grasmere School Facebook page from December 14.