Cumbria Police has issued a warning following reports of a scam.

Police reported they had been made aware of the scam from a member of the public.

A force spokesman said: "They received a call from a male claiming the victim was going to receive a sum of money and quoted a code.

"The male then said a cheque would be delivered to her but to release the funds the victim would need to buy a gift card from a local shop and referred to specific shops near to the victims home address."

The force then gave advice on how to prevent falling foul of a scam:

• Never give your bank account details or PIN number over the phone.

• Never withdraw money and send it via a courier, taxi or by any other means.

• Never send your bank cards, or any other personal property, to them via courier, taxi or by any other means.

• No reputable organisation would ask for payment of a bill or debt using vouchers or gift cards. You should never reveal the codes on vouchers or gift cards you have purchased apart from entering them on official websites as full or part payment for goods or services.