Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service and Cumbria Police are supporting National Road Safety Week alongside other emergency services.

National Road Safety Week started on 16th November and will end on 22nd November.

The week aims to remind motorists to drive safely and ensure their vehicles are road worthy.

In addition to this, it attempts to raise the profile of the work undertaken by emergency services.

This include fire, police and ambulance services.

Craig Drinkald, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service’s Head of Prevention, said: “Road traffic collisions can be devastating to attend for all the emergency services personnel.

“Lives are still being destroyed by the failure of drivers to be responsible behind the wheel before and during their travels.

“All the members of the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership (CRSP) work tirelessly to reduce the number of people tragically killed or seriously injured in the county by identifying the causes and types of accidents that happen, and through the delivery of road safety education throughout the year to different age groups and levels of driver experience.

Inspector Steve Minnikin of Cumbria Police added: “So often such collisions are entirely avoidable and are often down to driver error such as driving too fast for the road conditions or over-taking at inappropriate times.”

Speed, distraction and impairment are listed as some of the most common factors which cause accidents.