A worldwide rugby play programme is coming to south Cumbria.

Rugbytots company currently operates in 20 countries across the globe and are now looking to run weekend and after school classes in areas including Barrow and Ulverston.

Barrow’s St Matthew’s Community Hall and Kendal’s Dean Gibson Catholic School will be hired for weekend classes.

The classes offered by Rugbytots are filled with fun activities centred around rugby.

There are currently programmes for three different age groups, between two and seven.

Carl Rumney, director at Rugbytots East Berks & South Bucks LLP, said: “Every class has a lead coach and assistant coach and the classes bring loads of expression and loads of drama.

“They just put so much enthusiasm and energy into the classes that the kids are just hooked.”

Each class starts off a with warm-up game, before practicing rugby-based skills and finishes with one of the many exciting games Rugbytots offer.

As a result of this, Mr Rumney has highlighted the programme’s rave reviews.

“The feedback we get from parents all over world is never about their children improving their passing or kicking.

“It is always: ‘My little one’s confidence has grown, their listening has improved, their behaviour has improved.’

“The most rewarding one ever is when you see a kid whose confidence has improved because at times, we do get really shy kids and if they keep coming to your classes, six months or a year later you just see such a huge change in them.

“The kids are having so much fun all the time that they don’t realise that their co-ordination is improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination is improving.

“The kids don’t notice it, but the coaches and parents do.”

For more information, visit: https://www.rugbytots.co.uk/