TWO-and-a-bit weeks to go before we can open our doors to you lovely public!

This week we were blown away by the generosity of local award-winning artist Jean Pritchard.

To support us through the latest lockdown Jean has donated five amazing prizes, including the amazing top prize of the winners very own commissioned painting of a wildlife or pet subject of their choice.

Tickets are still available over on our online shop.

Good luck everyone.

Over in our Africa house, in addition to the existing security equipment, we now have CCTV cameras installed watching each rhino pen - this will not only let us keep an eye on Mums to be Zuki and Ntombi and hopefully capture the births on video for the first time ever but will also give us an important insight into what our Rhinos get up to overnight whilst their human friends are getting their much needed rest at home.

Elsewhere our maintenance team remain hard at work, developing a number of areas here at the zoo including giraffe boys Kofi and Ekundayo’s house, a fabulous outdoor enclosure for our meerkat mob and the outdoor Madagascar areas for our lemurs.