Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, November 28

Who Attacked Ian? - EastEnders (BBC1)

Ian may have lost his knack for making money recently, but he's still a dab hand at making enemies.

Plenty of people are annoyed at him this week, including Max who demands his money back, only for Ian to reveal that he saw him sharing a kiss with Linda.

Max doesn't take kindly to blackmail and comes up with a plan to get his revenge, but on the night of the Lucy Beale Award presentation, it's clear that a smug Ian thinks he's regained the upper hand.

But even if has succeeded in outsmarting Max, there are still plenty of other people hoping Ian gets his comeuppance. Peter, Tina and Suki are still bearing a grudge, while Rainie and Stuart are annoyed when he lets slip to Whitney that Tiffany is planning to be their surrogate. And after he's arrested, even Kathy and Bobby seem to have reached breaking point.

So, when Ian is attacked in the Vic, just which of his many foes is responsible?

Elsewhere, Katy accompanies Mick on a trip to the children's home, where she tries to convince him that his childhood trauma is all down to Shirley.

Countdown to Crisis - Coronation Street (ITV)

It's all kicking off in Corrie. Abi works out that Ray is trying to buy up the entire street, and Sally's council colleague confirms the dodgy businessman has submitted plans to demolish various properties.

Abi arranges a meeting involving the local residents, during which they decide to gatecrash Ray's press conference in Victoria Gardens. Having realised he has a fight on his hands, he revamps his offers to Sally, Dev, Brian and Roy. Sally remains adamant they shouldn't sell to a criminal, but as usual, it's ever-sensible Roy who comes up with a plan that might force Ray to drop his scheme.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen's trial begins, but Tim is declared an unreliable witness after being goaded into punching Geoff. Elaine resurfaces too, but as she's in a psychiatric hospital, it seems unlikely she'll be able to testify, so poor Yasmeen will have to rely on the jury believing her rather than her husband.

Finally, Leanne organises a memorial service for Oliver.

Heartbreak for Laurel and Jai - Emmerdale (ITV)

Laurel and Jai head to their private scan, where the sonographer estimates she is 12 weeks pregnant. Sadly, there is more worrying news from a senior consultant, who explains that it is likely their baby will have a type of chromosomal syndrome and asks whether they would like to perform a further test to confirm this.

Laurel is crushed, while Jai does his best to stay positive, but as they ready themselves for their next appointment, it's clear they are both worried about what may happen next.

Moira tries to give Cain a birthday to remember, but he isn't really in the mood. She begs him to open up about what the problem is and he finally comes clean - but is it something they can fix?

As Mandy admits she misses Vinny, Paul does his best to get Liv on side - and it seems he may have some ammunition when she has a seizure. Will she agree to keep quiet about his gambling if he keeps her health scare a secret?

Al turns down Rishi's offer to pay for his wedding to Priya, and Dawn isn't happy about the prospect of a Christmas without Harriet.

A Problem Cher-ed - Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Sylver worries that Cher has become the blackmailer's latest target and desperately tries to raise the cash to keep her secret safe.

Unfortunately, he can't prevent his daughter from unwittingly coming face to face with Silas, and Mercedes later panics when she receives a picture message of Cher from the blackmailer. But it's a phone call from Silas that really sends shivers down Mercedes spine, leading her to ask PC George for help...

Elsewhere, Goldie is feeling insecure about the return of Joel's exes - maybe with good reason, as Theresa decides to inject some fun back into the vicar's life.

Ollie is struggling to kick his habit, so when he can't pay for drugs, he offers Juliet the use of Cindy's house in lieu of cash. Meanwhile, James discovers Juliet is dealing, and comes up with a plan to get her out of Victor's clutches.

Edward uses Kurt to drive a wedge between Tony and Diane, and Courtney hopes Brooke and Imran will help Sid see the positives in his life.

The End of the Affair - Neighbours (C5)

The truth about Dipi and Pierce is now out in the open, much to Paul's chagrin - he's disappointed he can no longer blackmail Pierce into handing over his share of the hotel. Chloe, meanwhile, is devastated and desperate to get away.

As tensions run high, Shane is pushed into the arms of temptation. Later, he and Dipi argue, but just as things are about to get very nasty indeed, they're interrupted by their son Jay. Around the same time, after his efforts to make things up to Chloe fail, Pierce decides to clear his head by going for a run - during which he suffers an accident...

An insecure Mackenzie explodes at Richie, and begins to wonder about her true feelings for him, and Bea unwittingly sets up a date with one of Levi's attackers, to the horror of Kyle and Roxy.