AND JUST like that were back into lockdown.

We sadly waved goodbye to our last visitors until the 3rd December on Wednesday, so the zoo is very quiet!

But don’t worry, our pawesome teams are on hand each and every day to ensure every furry, feathered, anntenna’ed and scaley resident has everything they could possibly want.

So, while the zoo is visitor less, a bit about what goes on in the background.

Our maintenance team are taking advantage of the quiet time and are busy “maintenancing” and work has started on some pawesome enclosure developments, first in our lemur area as we bring a bit of Madagascar to Dalton.

Second, we are hard at work totally transforming the area next to Tibor’s Plaice restaurant, well keep you guessing as to what is going to be calling this area home for now.

But we can guarantee you will love it!

Earlier this week, we did a very special lockdown live for a very special little girl and her school class who loves safari zoo, especially the giraffes but sadly hasn’t been able to visit for a little while.

Over in our animal department our lemurs had a change of diet, the panda cubs are super-active zipping around their enclosure and African Lion Scooter is becoming more and more confident.

We also launched a brand-new experience for the little cubs out there who wannabe keepers!

Our infant keeper experience is aimed at 3-6-year olds and gives them the chance to do all things “keeper-y” including

Helping to bath and weigh tortoises

Measuring and weighing the snakes

Light cleaning the animal beds

Counting the Lemurs

Counting the Penguins

Counting and feeding the Kangaroos

Feeding the Penguins

Feeding Giraffes

Feeding the Ducks and/or fish

Scatter Feeding the Primates

Feeding Mrs Muntjac