AT the parish council meeting it was reported that the recent audit had now been signed off and there were no recommendations.

A discussion about the provision of benches for The Square covered issues such as appropriate design, 'green' credentials, robustness, and cost.

It was decided to purchase two benches to save on transportation costs even if one of them would need to be stored until a suitable location was decided and available.

A discussion about planters would be deferred to a later stage when it was hoped to be able to consider views from residents.

The quotation for grass cutting for the year 2020/21 had gone up by £55 and was accepted.

Councillors authorised payment of most outstanding payments including increasing the donation to the Royal British Legion in respect of the Poppy Wreath to £75.

A lengthy discussion ensued about the outstanding payment to SLDC of £5000 for completion of work in The Square.

There were still some concerns over areas of standing water and the possible need for some of the cobbles to be lifted. It was decided by majority vote to continue to withhold the payment.

A review of outstanding actions noted that there had been a slight increase in residents needing the services of the Community Group, mainly for the collection of prescription.

South Lakes Housing planned to start work on the Boon Town development before Christmas.

It was now known that the Kings Arms was not a suitable location for a charging point but that the deadline for this project had now been extended after March 2021 and it was hoped that a presentation to the village would encourage other sites to participate.

The meeting closed as the Zoom facility ran out, but the next meeting is planned for Thursday December 17.