Carlisle's rate of Covid-19 infections is noticeably higher than those seen in the rest of the county, and also exceeds infection rates most recently seen across the north west and across England.

The city's seven-day average rate of Covid-19 infections per 100,000 people for the week ending November 20 stands at 277.9, which exceeds the north west figure of 237.9, and significantly exceeds the England-wide figure of 218.4.

Infection rates for Carlisle exceed those found elsewhere in the county.

For the same period, the rate of infections per 100,000 in Allerdale is 109.5; in Copeland, 107.1; in Eden, 103.3; in South Lakeland, 232.2; and in Barrow, 117.8.

There were 302 new cases of Covid-19 identified in Carlisle across the seven-day period ending November 20.

The seven-day count of cases for the city has shown a steady rise in the past week, in contrast to the north west of England, which has shown a consistent fall in new infections since late October.

The number of deaths in Carlisle for which Covid-19 was listed on the death certificate stands at 157, higher than Barrow, which stands at 112; Allerdale, at 85; Copeland, at 78; and Eden, at 52.

Only South Lakeland has seen a higher number of Covid-related deaths, at 171.