DAREDEVIL explorers have been slammed after filming themselves inside the 'UK's most dangerous mine'.

The one-hour video, which has been watched more than 40,000 times in ten days, features a group of adventures inside a disused copper mine at Coniston.

The group can be seen crossing huge drops holding onto ropes in the Exploring with Fighters YouTube video titled 'Inside The UKs Most Dangerous Mine | Not for the faint hearted'.

And now Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit (COMRU) have criticised the group which they said showed inexperienced participants using no essential safety equipment.

COMRU’s team leader Cris Jones accused the channel’s members of showing a complete disregard for their own safety. He said: “We are aware, not for the first time, of videos circulating on social media that show people, inexperienced in underground exploration, filming themselves going down disused mines in Cumbria. “We have no trouble rescuing anyone who gets into trouble through no fault of their own. “If you are fooling around like they were, on top of these big drops, if anything goes wrong you are going to fall down there and we are going to have pull them out. “Like I said, we don’t mind helping anyone who has legitimately got themselves into trouble, that’s what we are there for. “But when you are deliberately ignoring any type of safety standard, you begin to question why.” The unit were not needed to rescue the group. However, Mr Jones is adamant that the channel’s members were lucky to leave the mine unscathed and could have faced severe consequences. “These videos are encouraging other people to put their lives and my team’s lives at risk," he said. “It’s all fun until the unthinkable happens.” Mr Jones has asked people to reach out to experienced explorer societies, such as the Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining Society and Adventuresmart. Dan Dixon, owner at Exploring with Fighters, said one member of the group was acting irresponsibly.

“I know the mining group have condemned certain actions in the video, which I do too," he said.

“There was an individual who was along with us who acted irresponsibly and he is nothing to do with Exploring with Fighters in general.

“He was acting alone and it is something that I would never condone."

He said there had been around 2000 likes and 80 dislikes on the video.

“The people who dislike it is probably down to the safety aspect and that is something I agree with," he said.

Mr Dixon said he always welcomed positive criticism and urged rescue groups to advise the YouTube channel.

“Any kind of guidance, we take it and we use it,” he said.

The Westmorland Gazette: PLANK: One of the group walking across a 400ft drop.PLANK: One of the group walking across a 400ft drop.

“I would prefer it if these type of groups came and talked to me and helped us.

“If they give us a list of safety equipment I would buy it all and take the training they recommend, but most of them just want to give criticism.”

This is the third time that Mr Dixon has visited Coniston since starting his YouTube channel in 2017.

He said the mine was one of the best to visit in the entire world.

Mr Jones has asked people to reach out to experienced explorer societies such as the Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining Society and Adventuresmart.