Covering perspectives from sustainability to the sheep industry, a specialist webinar hosted by H&H will look at how to futureproof your farming enterprise.

CARLISLE-based H&H Group has announced the scheduling of its first Digital Seminar, with a specialist panel of leading experts from across Britain’s rural sectors.

The future-focused theme will tackle a range of issues including the ins and outs of sheep farming, the impacts of new planning regulations, and livestock trading post-Brexit.

Younger generation perspectives will include novel ideas regarding preparing for the future and agricultural sustainability.

Looking to pioneer an industry-wide conversation on how to make farming fit for the future, H&H will provide a much-needed forum for different viewpoints to come together in a context of uncertainty and change.

The webinar will be an Interactive & Digital Zoom Seminar and the Groups’ Chief Executive Richard Rankin will chair the discussion, with presentations from expert panellists in their field.

Keynote speaker is Phil Stocker, Chief Executive of the National Sheep Association (NSA), who will offer unique insights into the future of sheep farming. Phil will bring an industry-wide view, and a strong history of practical expertise in aspects of farm management.

Richard Rankin said on announcing the webinar: “This is the first webinar of its kind for us at H&H, and more generally in the industry. As leaders in the rural sector, we recognise it is the right time and relish the opportunity to table a rich and comprehensive discussion on what the future of farming will look like. At H&H we are focused on making our own businesses fit for the future, so it is also important to open up that dialogue with the wider industry.

“COVID has gifted us a moment in time to take stock and think about how to take our agricultural enterprises towards a more forward-thinking future, and we are delighted to be able to offer a productive forum for these creative discussions to take place.”

The combined knowledge of the participants will examine the opportunities and challenges for rural businesses, with live video presentations and an interactive Q&A session.

Fit for the Future is a free online event, starting at 5.00pm until approximately 6.15pm on Tuesday, December 1 2020. To book a place, please contact H&H Group by emailing:

The H&H Group is an unquoted plc with an excess of 1,000 shareholders and a heritage going back over 140 years.

It was founded originally as farmstock auctioneers and today, with nine Harrison & Hetherington Auction Marts, auctioneering is still very much a part of its business.