A SURPRISING array of waste was uncovered by a team of outdoor enthusiasts which took to the River Kent in kayaks for a litter pick.

The kayakers paddled from the weir at Gooseholme Park, Kendal, to the beginning of Natland Road, usual manual litter picking 'claws' to lift rubbish from the depths.

Becki Vale, who took part in the event with partner Dan Fylan-Smith, said items recovered included golf balls - 51 in total - umbrellas, shoes and traffic cones.

"We filled a six-person white water raft, an open canoe, all of our kayaks, and bin bags that litter pickers on the banks had," she said.

Everything was sorted at the end and separated for reuse, recycling or landfill.

“By the time it actually got to the things that were going to go to landfill, it was actually quite a small proportion of what we found," said Miss Vale.

The team consisted of team members who were working on the Palm & Pyranha Paddlesports Session at the Kendal Mountain Festival.

Last year, the 'paddle pick-up' was a community event, with as many people as possible encouraged to join in. However, due to rules surrounding social distancing this time, people around the globe were encouraged to do their bit to clean up their own local outdoor spaces.

"Young, old or anywhere in between, cleaning up our natural world, doing something like a litter pick, is one of the simplest and most rewarding things we can do to give back to the places we play in," said Miss Vale.

"It may not be your rubbish but, as people that live and adventure in these environments, we become guardians of the landscape, and it is our collective responsibility to look after it.

"Use your good actions to influence others and, over time, we can hopefully reduce the impact that is being had."