Our guide to all the soap action for the week ahead.

Coronation Street (ITV)

It's another big week down Weatherfield way as the soap celebrates its 60th anniversary on Wednesday.

But producers haven't gone with a live edition, as did they during the 40th and 50th birthday celebrations. Instead we're being treated to three hour-long episodes instead.

The fallout from the trial continues as Geoff locks horns with Alya. He attacks her at Speed Daal, then sets No 6 alight - with them both inside - before a dramatic rooftop showdown.

Meanwhile, revolting Ray turns up with a bulldozer, intent on showing the residents who's boss by going ahead with his plans. However, he reckons without the determination of Abi, Kevin, Ken and Roy, among others, to stop him.

Faye soon realises Ray is a creep too when things take a nasty turn during what should be a friendly drink in the office. Luckily Gary comes to her rescue, and you can be sure he won't let the villain off the hook easily.

Daniel figures out who Carla slept with, a jealous Peter falls off the wagon again and Leanne leaves town.

EastEnders (BBC1)

Sharon is shocked to return to the Vic to find Ian lying motionless on the floor and calls Kathy - and an ambulance when they struggle to find a pulse.

The police are also soon on the scene, and Jack leads the investigation into who attacked Ian. They make an arrest, but with half the Square acting shifty and all manner of alibis and information being revealed throughout the week, will they get the right person?

The assault on Ian has come at a bad time for Kat and Kush, who need to dodge the police when they try to sneak back into no 31. They don't plan to hang around, but before they can start a new life abroad, they need the money they're owed.

Kat is dismayed when Phil only gives her a fraction of the cash, but there's worse news to come when Kush hands himself into the police.

Suki plans to make an example of Will for stealing food from the Minute Mart, but she's the one squirming when he points out it was all out of date.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Rishi is in danger when he is left semi-conscious after driving off the road. When he comes to, he tries to ring Manpreet to tell her that his pills weren't in the car, but she doesn't get the call as she's lost her phone - and her husband doesn't have enough battery left to message anyone else.

Eventually, Manpreet starts to worry when he doesn't come home, and forms a search party with Meena and Priya. Meena manages to track him down, earning Manpreet and Rishi's gratitude. What they don't know is that she's the one who swiped his pills - and her sister's phone. Will her plan to get back in their good graces be rumbled?

Jai and Laurel learn that their baby has Down's Syndrome. Rhona realises that something is wrong and encourages Laurel to open up, only to be left upset when the subject of the diagnosis is raised.

Harriet panics when she discovers that Malone's body may be about to be unearthed, Dawn gets alarming news about her health, and Aaron is shocked to discover that Paddy is planning to marry Chas at Christmas.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Edward is planning to propose to Diane, but the fact that she's boiling with jealousy after learning that Tony slept with another woman suggests he might not get the answer he wants.

That's not the only potential obstacle to his plan as Verity is increasingly angry with her dad and threatens to tell Diane everything. So, Edward takes desperate action to protect his secrets.

After Ollie claims that he takes drugs to cope with his dad's illness, Cindy tries to reassure him that Luke will be around for a long time. However, she also starts to fear the worst when Luke shows signs of memory loss.

Jordan asks to move back into the Lomax residence, swearing he's on the straight and narrow, and Darren wants to know when he'll see a return on his investment in Kurt's Slim Scran.

Sylver moves the whole McQueen clan into the Dog, Warren is annoyed when Sienna is left out in the cold by Liberty and Brody, and Felix confronts Toby after Celeste suffers an injury, but how much does he know about his son's crimes?

Neighbours (C5)

Pierce is a wanted man - but not by Chloe. His predicament following last week's incident doesn't bring them closer again, much to his disappointment. Dipi, however, is certain her marriage is over and has decided that Pierce is the man for her future.

She also keeps putting off having her serious talk with Shane, which leaves him frustrated and angry. Later, he and Pierce have an explosion confrontation as weeks of tension finally boils over. However, Shane and Dipi do manage to put their differences aside to support Mackenzie after learning what she has been through.

Nicolette's offer to have a baby for Aaron and David leaves them shocked, but they realise it could make their dreams come true.

Bea and Levi are both stunned by the identity of her new boyfriend, but complicating matters is the fact that she genuinely likes him.