POLICE have condemned the actions of a Kendal man who ‘surfed’ a train after jumping onto it while it was moving.

Kain Hogg and friends boarded the locomotive in unconventional and dangerous fashion as it moved out of Sandhills station in Liverpool.

“One wrong slip and we could’ve been gone,” he said.

His actions have been derided as ‘remarkably stupid’ by PC Jane McGhee, of the British Transport Police (BTP).

“We are increasing patrols in the area we suspect this happened, and appeal to those tempted to put their lives on the line like this to think again and consider just how dangerous it is and the likely consequences,” she said.

“They are gambling with their lives.”

Videos show Mr Hogg and friends standing on the coupling between two carriages with the train in motion.

Mr Hogg said: “The stunt was very dangerous - as it involved us jumping onto a moving train while it set off at up to 40 mph from the station, and then to speeds of up to 75mph.”

The 21-year-old insisted that he knew his own ‘comfort zone’, however.

“This is not the first time we’ve attempted surfing on public transport,” he said.

“From lorry surfing to bus surfing and being on freight trains, and tram surfing.”

Mr Hogg said that one of the other men involved in the incident had been spoken to by the BTP and issued with a caution.

He said a video of the stunt posted to social media, which police say has now been deleted, was viewed more than 300,000 times.

Greg Suligowski, head of communications at Merseyrail, said: “It is extremely concerning to see this video, which appears to show an individual trespassing on the railway, placing themselves and others at significant risk.”

Mr Suligowski said: “The non-public areas of the railway can be a very dangerous environment and I would urge people not to attempt to access them under any circumstances.”.