Kendal Town manager Chris Humphrey is worried that the club’s season could already be over after another league suspension.

As a result of the UK’s third national lockdown, Humphrey’s side have suffered another setback as Boris Johnson’s government confirmed that only elite sport can continue, meaning that clubs in steps three to six of the National League system can no longer play matches or train until restrictions ease.

It is understood that the new lockdown measures will last until at least mid-February and Humphrey is now hoping this means that his side, who play in the Northern Premier League North West Division, can return to action next month.

The former Preston North End winger said: “Obviously, myself and the lads are gutted that we have to stop again.

“Speaking truthfully, I would prefer it if the league came out said whether this is the end of our season or if we will come back to play again.

“If the league does start up again, would they be able to make sure it doesn’t have to stop due to Covid-19?

“I don’t think its good for anyone, especially the players, if we do start and stop again, I think it would just disrupt the flow and ruin the league.”

In March of last year, the Northern Premier League cancelled Kendal Town’s season, with the 2019/20 campaign declared null and void with no relegation or promotion.

In light of this and the current situation, Humphrey now fears that history may repeat itself.

He explained: “If clubs don’t return to action by the end of February, this is something that the league would really need to look at and I don’t personally see how we could catch up with games.”

“Obviously, I would be very happy to return and I would vote to continue the season if the Covid-19 crisis gets better and we don’t need to stop again.

“But it is one of those things, we will have two months to cram games in and we could definitely do it with three games a week.”

Kendal have only played 12 league games this season and currently sit in 11th position after picking up 10 points.

Although the 33-year-old is wary that Town’s current campaign could be over, this will not stop Humphrey from looking to improve his side.

During the previous lockdown, the Mintcakes were boosted after star players Hugo Rodriguez and Seydou Bamba committed their futures to the club despite offers from fellow Northern Premier League sides Ramsbottom United and Prescot Cables respectively.

Throughout the current lockdown, Kendal’s players will continue to maintain their fitness levels, with Humphrey confirming each player will have a programme to follow.

Financially, the Mintcakes’ boss also revealed that the club is in positive shape.

Humphrey highlighted that the club have not needed to furlough or continue paying the players’ wages due to the nature of their contracts.