IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are urged to pick up after their pets as a rise in dog faeces has been highlighted in Dalton.

The Dalton Community Action group urged people not to walk at night due to the risk of stepping in dog dirt.

A spokesman for the group said: "Word of advise... do not walk down little fields in the dark! It is full of dog poop, it is disgusting!

"I walked down yesterday and noticed 2 fresh piles and also saw a couple of dog walkers that had come from that direction so I will be watching and I will confront you if you leave it!

"The town is full of it!

"This is not just at Little Fields and not just in Dalton.

"Please pick your dogs mess up, there is nothing worse than having to clean it from your shoe or remove it from pram wheels or mobility scooter wheels. Please think people!"

There is history of this issue that keeps creeping back up in the area according to a councillor who lives in the area.

The Westmorland Gazette: ISSUE: Cllr Shaun BlezardISSUE: Cllr Shaun Blezard

Shaun Blezard, Dalton South councillor, said: "It keeps coming back up this problem.

"I would say to dog walkers to take bags out and put the dog's leavings in the bin.

"People need to treat the town with a bit of consideration, we all have to live here.

"It is not pleasant to see or have to deal with or even have to pick up.

"I know the town council have done some good work on this matter and even bought the luminous spray to highlight the issue.

"You get some people who just don't respect the town.

"There is only so much various councils can do on this matter, it has been highlighted so many times in the past.

"Just take the poop home and put it in the bin, there are plenty of bins about in the area."

The Westmorland Gazette: Dog poo binDog poo bin