When filling up your car you're often looking for the best deal but petrol and diesel prices change so often it's hard to keep track of the cheapest stations.

Fuel prices can be affected by a number of reasons including how many fuel stations are in an area, supermarkets changing prices to stay ahead of competitors or due to the price of crude oil.

Using the petrolprices.com tool, we've searched for the cheapest prices for petrol in Kendal.

All prices are accurate at the time of print according to the comparison site.

Morrisons Kendal - 117.7p

Asda, Kendal - 117.7p

Sainsburys, Kendal - 117.9p

Shell, Lound Road - 117.9p

Texaco, Burton Road - 121.5p

BP Windermere Road - 121.7p

Shell, AA591 - 121.9p

Texaco, Shap Road - 122.9p

M6 Killington Lake - 140.9p