A digital evidence system introduced at Cumbria Constabulary is providing officers with the opportunity to gain best evidence during their investigations as technology advances further.

The Axon interview system was rolled out across the Constabulary in September following a successful pilot period in south Cumbria. The new system captures video recordings of all witness, victim and suspect interviews carried out as part of investigations by Cumbria officers.

The single system replaces two separate DVD-based systems which would only record audio.

The introduction of Axon’s digital interview recording system is the first outside of America and links in seamlessly with the Constabulary’s body-worn video and Citizen capability.

The new system ensures absolute transparency for all interviewees and offers flexibility via mobile kits, meaning officers can carry out interviews with people at a mutually convenient location if they are unable to attend a police station.

The system, which is fully complaint with Police and Criminal Evidence Act, has integrated data life cycle management functionality ensuring that evidence is managed throughout an investigation until a point where it becomes obsolete, leading to it being deleted.

Chief Inspector Jon Sherlock, Head of Criminal Justice at Cumbria Constabulary, said: “There are a number of benefits to our new digital evidence system, however the most important is that it allows our officers to achieve best evidence which will ultimately lead to more offenders being brought to justice.

He added: “The system follows the successful rollout of our body-worn video functionality which has not only supported officers in achieving criminal convictions, but has ensured that all activity is completely transparent.

“In recent years we have invested in digital technology to support our frontline officers in investigating and preventing crime. The rate at which technology continues to develop mHe aeans we must adapt accordingly to meet challenges now and in years to come.

“The new system contributes to a more efficient criminal justice system through the capability to instantly share evidence securely with partner agencies, including the Crown Prosecution Service. It is our expectation that that by gaining best evidence through a more effective and modernised investigative processes, the public will see more offenders brought to justice, better outcomes for victims of crime and ultimately keep more people in the county safe.”