Plans to reduce the speed limit on two stretches of the A595 have taken a step forward following safety concerns.

Extensive road safety proposals are progressing related to roads between Wreaks Causeway through Grizebeck to Lowick, with all roads to be reduced to 50mph and the main road through Grizebeck to be 40mph.

A significant reduction of speed limits on a long stretch of the A595 and A5092 roads around Grizebeck and over Gawthwaite all the way to Lowick has been welcomed by local campaigners and the area’s County Councillor.

Matt Brereton, Conservative Member for High Furness division of Cumbria County, in whose area the roads sit, said: “I’m really pleased that this has been put forward for funding during the upcoming financial year, given the long-standing safety and traffic concerns and the volume of incidents over the years, including sadly some fatalities following serios road traffic collisions.

“Residents made their concerns know to me and we asked officers to conduct a site safety survey, as we did not feel that having national speed limits apply along a fairly major road and significant junction in the middle of a village was entirely in line with the national guidelines.

“Sure enough, these new proposed safety measures include a reduction to a 40mph limit in Grizebeck itself, with 50mph limits imposed on stretches of the A595 back towards Broughron and the end of Wreaks’ Causeway, and beyond Grizebeck Brow on the A5092 all the way over Gawthwaite to meet the existing 40mph limit at Lowick. There will also be some solid white lines applied in Grizebeck to prevent vehicles overtaking or crossing on to the wrong side of the road in key places.

“I would like to thank Council Highways officers for their work in producing this thorough report and the recommended package of safety measures; also the Grizebeck Road Safety Group and local residents for their ongoing efforts to secure engagement on this and other matters.

“Things are also moving on with the A595 improvement scheme at Dove Ford, so this is excellent news all round. Once these new limits are in I would suggest a fixed speed camera would be very useful to protect the junction in heart of Grizebeck, which should help to make a vast improvement all round.

“We hope motorists will recognise that these new limits are being proposed to encourage considerate driving along a long stretch of road and to protect the local community and other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.”