Reader JB believes the Government must act to cut red tape for businesses to flourish post-Brexit.

In a letter to The Mail, the writer called for work to 'simplify' trade.

They said: "The Government may claim Brexit is ‘done’, but for many small business owners, it’s just getting started.

"The trading relationship between the EU and UK is not fit for purpose. Traders are being subjected to burdensome processes – customs declaration, rules of origin certificates, VAT processes.

"Many businesses have ceased or restricted trade as a result, stifling our recovery from Covid and narrowing choice for consumers.

"Big name brands have stopped shipping to the UK.

"While the Government claims these 'teething problems' are being ironed out, hauliers estimate trade with Europe has fallen massively since the beginning of the year.

"And for fishermen who face a ban on exporting their shellfish to Europe, these 'teething problems' are permanent and insurmountable.

"If we are to build back Britain better than ever, we British businesses need a boost, not more red tape.

"That’s why I’m supporting the Best for Britain campaign to simplify trade."


Via email