A FISHMONGER from Ulverston has said that support of campaign of buying British-caught fish, backed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, could help combat the industry's post-Brexit disruption.

Mr Johnson backed calls for a campaign on this during a video conference with Conservative MPs from coastal areas.

He also promised to do more to address those concerned of fishing quotas and the ban on shellfish exports to the EU.

Chris Sanders, who owns Lake District Lobster and Seafood Co, believes that the mindset of the British people needs to change when it comes to fish and look to more local produce such as hake, haddock and monkfish.

FISHMONGER: Chris Sanders.

FISHMONGER: Chris Sanders.

His fishmongers, based in Ulverston, often catch much of their stock themselves and buy in fish sourced as locally as possible to deliver fresh produce for customers.

"It would definitely be beneficial for fishmongers if people bought more locally-sourced fish," Mr Sanders said.

"This should be something we are doing more of, but it is just getting people to eat it, because once they do, they wonder why they haven't been doing it before due to the freshness.

"TV chefs have an impact as well, once they started cooking with monkfish everybody else wanted to.

"Until people in Britain see it in front of their face, they don't eat it."

His Market Street-based store hope to open a restaurant in the near future with their own recipes and they plan to showcase what local produce has to offer when that goes ahead.

TRADE: Lake District Lobster & Seafood Co Ulverston

TRADE: Lake District Lobster & Seafood Co Ulverston