CAMPERS were caught flouting lockdown rules over the Bank Holiday weekend - despite police pleas to stay home.

A number of campers were seen setting up tent at Langdale in the Lakes this weekend, prompting a visit from Cumbria Police.

The campers were reportedly moved on by police officers who issued the lockdown-flouters fines for breaching regulations.

Currently, accommodation with self-contained facilities is permitted to re-open from Monday.

Accommodation with shared facilities (such as most campsites), plus other hospitality and tourism venues, will not be permitted to open until May 17 according to current Government rules.

Visitors to the area also reportedly left a large amount of rubbish, prompting concern from voluntary group The Lakes Plastic Collective.

A spokesman said: "What a long and busy day it’s been in Langdale. There has been plenty of litter collected and camps moved on with fines issued.

"We are not allowed to camp yet. Visitors are welcome but please go home at the end of the day and take your litter with you."

The voluntary group also expressed concern after visitors were 'chasing sheep' for a photo opportunity.

A spokesman said: "Please do not chase after sheep wanting to cuddle for a photo.They’re not toys - they're peoples livelihoods. Two of my farmer pals were trying to explain to a family why them chasing sheep for a photo was not acceptable.

"The farmers ended up being filmed and the family couldn’t see what the problem was.

"We are currently in lambing season - this is a crucial time for farmers and livestock.

"Sheep worrying of any sort - human or dogs is a crime.

"Thank you to Cumbria Police & Lake District National Park Safer Lakes team who were out until into the night."

Readers have raised concern after the illegal campers were caught flouting lockdown rules.

One person said: "The police are too soft, issue them huge fines and they'll think twice about doing it again. Not saying they weren't fined of course but there needs to be a bigger deterrent, otherwise they will carry on ruining the lakes."

Another said: "I mean there could be worse things for people to do in regards to 'breaking the law' - I fully understand and support the no littering rules, but it's like you can't even enjoy the great outdoors nowadays."

Another added: "Thanks to the teams for cleaning up and dealing with these situations for those of us who live here and want to keep the area beautiful."