CUMBRIA Police have issued another warning regarding dogs causing potentially fatal issues for sheep in the countryside.

They have said that they have seen numerous issues every year.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police's Wildlife and Rural Affairs Team said: "You know it's a sign of spring when you see the lambs skipping around the fields!

"Unfortunately, each year many lambs, sheep and other livestock become victims of worrying.

"Worrying includes attacking or chasing and it is a crime! Not only can it have a financial impact, it is also extremely distressing for livestock owners to see their animals injured or killed in this way.

"Time and time again we hear dog owners say "my dog's only playing and wouldn't hurt a fly". This maybe so, but it is in a dogs very nature to chase no matter how placid and often, if this allowed to happen around livestock it can have devastating effects.

"Also, dog faeces (poo) can transmit disease to sheep which can be fatal.

"Please regularly worm your dog and clean up after it. Dog walkers should use their bin at home if there are no public waste bins available.

"Cumbria Police cannot stress enough the importance of keeping dogs on a lead around livestock."