Kendal pub owners have said 'Covid passports' would not work in the sector.

Currently, it is understood that the Government could implement a 'Covid status certificate' scheme for theatres, nightclubs and festivals from June.

Both Phil Walker, owner of the New Union, and Josh Macauley, who runs the Duke of Cumberland, Ye Olde Fleece and The Gateway with business partner Chris Moss, have explained why they think pubs should not be included too.

Josh said: “We don’t know whether they would be good or not; they would be difficult to enforce.

"Pubs are an industry of providing people good experiences while out eating food and drinking.

“We’re not really there to investigate and police very stringent Government guidance checks."

Phil agreed with Josh’s argument.

He added that a Covid status certification scheme works theoretically, but explained the Government wouldn’t feel its consequences.

Phil said: “The idea is great but it's the practicalities of having to manage it.

"Boris Johnson doesn’t have to deal with the abuse because we are telling people that they can't come in because they haven’t got a Covid passport.

“The biggest problem I have is that not all of my staff have been vaccinated.

"The average age in the hospitality industry is 16 to 40 and those age groups haven’t been called up for a vaccine yet.

"What do we do? Do we hire staff that have been vaccinated?

"The Government need to look at that side of things.

“We have already had a hard year, so where do they want us to find the finances to pay for staff to sort Covid passports?”

A Covid passport would record whether an individual has received the vaccine, tested negatively for the virus or has natural immunity.

From Monday, non-essential retail will be allowed to reopen.

The ‘rule of six’ or two households mixing will still apply.

Hospitality venues, like pubs, can provide outdoor table service to customers.

During the lockdown, the Duke of Cumberland has added a brand new beer garden to its premises, with Ye Olde Fleece expanding its existing one.

The Duke’s new beer garden will provide seating for about 160 people and four cabins.

Owner Josh said he was keen to welcome back customers to the pubs next week.

He said: “It feels like it’s been so long since we have had customers on site and that’s what we love – having people having a good time. We’re as eager as everyone else to get back to normality after such a dragged-out lockdown."