Farming Diary by Andrea Meanwell, farming officer, the Lake District National Park Authority:

I AM currently on annual leave from my farming officer job (notice that I did not say ‘holiday’) for lambing.

It is going very well so far, five days in.

There has been only one wet day although it has been very cold.

Our rough fell sheep can cope well with the cold - it is the humans who suffer and have to get wrapped up in wool base layers, especially when outside after dark.

All our sheep apart from a few rare breeds lamb outside in the meadows.

The Lake District Foundation has launched the latest round of the Real Hedge Fund.

This is funding for new hedgerows or to reinstate traditional hedgerows that have either been ripped out as part of previous agricultural practice or have become overgrown, and farmers are eligible to apply along with community groups etc.

Have a look at if you are interested.

Their Low Carbon Investment Grants programme for businesses will also open soon.

I hope that some of you were able to join us on the national webinar about Countryside Stewardship run by the National Association of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It was then great to see faces old and new on our follow-up Lake District webinar.

Don’t forget that Countryside Stewardship capital grants need to be applied for by the end of April.

Our Ladies with Livestock group is taking a break for lambing, but will be up and running again in May.

Do get in touch if you would like to be part of it by emailing